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What is science and technology corridor?

Corridors of science and technology are series of scientific, industrial, manufacturing, laboratory, research, infrastructure and communication environments, firms and institutions, individuals and information, which rely on creativity and innovation in a geographical range based on a system of linked to the goals and strategies of the organization, attracting the scientific, economic, human, national, regional and international opportunities and capital, and sharing the interests of all stakeholders and synergies between the organizations, centers and institutions present in the region, and promotes innovation and results in development of production, wealth, national welfare and the creation of a knowledge-based society.

What is the focal point?

The main focal points have prepared public infrastructure.
Main focal points have been tested repeatedly (land assignment, district management, incentives, etc.)
The main focal points allow the focus on planning (instead of infrastructure).
The main focal points make it possible to synergize among different organizations (instead of the struggle)
The main focal points are the support of other organizations, institutions and the accompany attraction of their resources.

What is the arena?

They are located inside the main focal points and have the basic infrastructure required to deploy companies in the field of science and technology and need to be tailored to the role and approach of each specialized infrastructure area (for example, in the field of ICT: Fiber Optic LTE - WI FI, etc.).
In the arena, it should be possible to provide specialized services such as specialized laboratories and corporate partnerships, and the possibility of incentives and joint management.

What is the difference between Science and Technology Corridor and Science and Technology Park?

Science and Technology Park is one of the main components of science and technology corridor. Science and technology Corridor encompasses a broader concept that includes all the key elements in the field of science and technology.

What is the purpose of creating a science and technology corridor?

Context for integration and synergy of science and technology support elements in Yazd province
Promoting productivity in investments through the interconnection of existing elements for the development of knowledge-based economy
Promote and strengthen the status of active elements in different areas of the corridor and prepare potential resources and link them to the national and international economy.
Attracting and retaining creative and decent human capital, and creating value-added employment and popular participation
Providing legal, service, and enforcement facilities and spiritual support to create the platform for the production of superior technology and services

Which government organization does science and technology corridor depend on?

Science and technology corridors are based on the regulations of the "Establishment and development of science and technology corridors of the country" approved on 04.04.2010 by the honorable board of ministries, it was formally established after the presentation of the documents and studying the comprehensive business plan of science and technology corridor and the constitution at the Supreme Council for Science, Research and Technology of the country, headed by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and its approval and started its work under the auspices Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Science, Research and Technology of the country and the Secretary-General of the Council.
Therefore, it is transcendence non-governmental profit organization based on the supervision of the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Science, Research and technology for the purpose and objectives set out in the Articles of Association in specific regions and geographical areas.

Is the nature of a private or public area special?

According to Article 6 of the Regulation on the Establishment and Development of Science and Technology Corridors of the country, the Organization for the Deployment and Development of the Special Area of Science and Technology is established to study the establishment and management of the development of the relevant area and, pursuant to Article 6 of the Organization's Code of Practice on Non-Governmental Law In Article 2 of the statute of the organization approved by the Supreme Council of Science, Research and Technology of the country and the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the emphasis has been placed on the non-governmental and commercial nature of the organization, and this organization has an independent legal personality.

How is the contribution to investing in creating a corridor?

On the basis of a public call, all legal entities active in the area of activity of the corridor (Tourism-Health - ICT – New energies-Textile - Ceramic Tiles) can participate in writing to the Secretariat of the Executive Board of the corridor located in the building of the Elite Foundation.

What are the specific areas supported by Yazd science and technology corridor?

These priorities have been selected based on the advantages of the province and have been confirmed and approved by the Executive Board of Science and Technology corridor, the Provincial Planning and Development Council, and the Permanent Commission of the High Council of Science, Research and Technology of the country.
And include: Tourism, Health, ICT, New Energy, Textiles and Ceramic Tiles

Are private companies whose activities are not related to the six areas involved in investing in the corridor?

Since science and technology corridor will focus on and support the competitive advantages of the province, others' contribution is not recommended.

What are the prominent features of science and technology corridors?

•    Run in a large geographic area and use the great pressure theory to propagate it
•    Enhanced and efficient management, and government-sponsored, supervised and supported
•    Large and vast investment in a twenty year horizon
•    Use the linkage template with the world-famous companies with plenty of attractions
•    Focus on the development of top technologies and the widespread use of the state
•    Define financial and non-financial incentives for companies and organizations active in it
•    Prioritizing the country's science and technology policies
•    Paying serious attention to the status of tourism and the rules and regulations in it

How can the province have a successful arena in ICT domain? (Infrastructure, necessities, requirements)

Proper studies and, in particular, the creation of consensus among the effective elements in creating a large arena is very effective in the success of the arena. Therefore, in choosing the location and manner of management and the way companies are admitted and creating infrastructure, it is necessary to pay attention to the expectations and views of the important elements in the field of ICT. It is again emphasized that the establishment of consensus among the main actors in the field of ICT in the province and the country is very important in the success of the working arena. Generally, the essence and existence philosophy of corridors is based on a consensus and logical decision based on the conditions of stakeholders, and we cannot have a successful arena by reciprocity and consolidation.